Ithaca Children's Garden loves its volunteers!

Bees buzz, chickens scratch, plants grow and produce, and children learn and play. Behind the scenes are the super stars of this vibrant organization: Our Volunteers!

ICG has a tiny staff. The garden only happens because of volunteers just like you.

Current Volunteer Opportunities with Ithaca Children's Garden:

Group Volunteering

Would you like to bring a group to the Garden to volunteer? We have plenty of opportunities available! Inquire at volunteer@ithacachildrensgarden.org or (607) 319-4203. Also, take a moment to fill out the Volunteer Group Application, and we'll get in contact with you as soon as possible!

Drop-in Volunteer Corps

Every Wednesday from spring to fall, we host a drop-in volunteer corps so many hands can tackle projects together, learning along the way. We approach the gardening work needed to keep our little three acres of paradise well-loved with teamwork, passion, and good fun. And snacks. All training is provided and no experience is necessary. (However if you come with your own gardening gloves and trowel (or backhoe) chances are high that we'll turn you loose on a project more in line with your experience level.)

With open arms, ICG welcomes Mulch Masters, Weed Wizards, Hose Honchos, Litter Lassoers, Compost Queens/Kings, Heavy Haulers, Snack Suppliers, and much much more.

ICG's Drop-in Volunteer Corps is a great way to help out on a flexible schedule that suits you, without making a forever commitment. Of course we love return volunteers, and you'll love the friendly gardening environment, so it could be fun if you decide to make a habit of it.

(Return volunteers earn themselves some nifty ICG perks as well.)

Spring season Volunteer Wednesday is under way - please contact us if you want to be on our volunteer mailing list!