Wildflower Meadow

Come into the Wildflower Meadow! Exit the main path and embark on a journey into a natural meadow full of flowers, rushes, chicory, with statuesque ironweed, and false indigo standing at the entrance during certain times of year. The Wildflower Meadow connects the Bird Garden, Wetlands, and Cherry Guild at the south end of the Enchanted Edible Forest Garden. After you visit Gaia, take the secret pathway down through the bioswale, behind the Bird House, and enter the Wildflower Meadow on your way to the Boardwalk. See what kinds of creatures and plants live there!

  • image Visitors are encouraged to take their time and look closely...
  • image Insect life in the meadow abounds

Sponsors and Supporters

Planted and developed in 2006-2007 with principle funding from Ithaca Garden Club.