Kids' Kitchen

The outdoor kids' kitchen is the first covered space at Ithaca Children's Garden for visitors and program participants to gather under shelter. It is used for food prep, cooking, art projects, events, picnics, and meeting space, and has significantly expanded the scope of programming we can offer at the garden. The kitchen was a GrassRoots community build project, constructed 100% by volunteers.

Thanks to a solar array donated by Renovus Energy in 2014, our camp snacks, programs, and events will be powered by the sun! The array is built of three 280 watt panels with a 4.8kwh battery bank and a 3.5kw inverter.

The Kids' Kitchen is the heart of cooking, eating, meeting, special events, art projects, and more!

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Sponsors and Supporters

Special thanks to Alan Vogel and his many Grassroots 2013 volunteers for their kitchen construction, to GreenStar for their support through the Healthy Kids Partnership, and to Renovus Energy for donating the solar array.