Playful Nature Explorers

In the kingdom of Playful Nature...

...snowflakes gather on mittened hands, tadpoles wiggle in dappled sunshine, carrot tops poke out of rich brown soil, and eyes sparkle with curiosity and wonder.

ICG’s Playful Nature Explorers is for children ages 2.5-6. It is research-based, child-centered, and brings a world of discovery, learning, and joy to your child’s day and season through nature and play immersion. Following the rhythm of the seasons, our play-based curriculum allows the natural curiosity of young children to lead our explorations, experiments, and creative expressions.

Meet our Playful Nature Educator, Mara NewRoots, Early Childhood Educator

New for 2017 to better accommodate the needs of busy families:

  • Month-to-Month Enrollment Options
  • Simplified Monthly Fees

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Do the kids pack their own snack? Yes

What is the child to educator ratio? 6:1 at the most

What is the daily routine?

9:00am arrival and play while we wait for friends
Circle time
Bathroom Break
Exploration play/ Head to garden (Winter)
12:00pm pick up

When can I visit?

If you would like to experience the whole day you are welcome to come and play. Other options are for are to come see a part of the day from 9:15-10 or 11-12. We may not be able to answer questions while the kids are present, but can set up a time outside of program hours for that.

How much time do the kids get outside?

Spring and Fall we are exclusively at the Garden. In Winter the children on average get 45min- 2 hours depending on weather. If its to cold we spend the day inside. We play in all weather.

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Notice about Scholarships & Member Discounts:

ICG's policy is to not turn anyone away for inability to pay. We have created an easy to use scholarship application form that will help us start the process of identifying the right scholarship level for your family. Out of respect for the dignity of each family's private financial information, we will not request personal financial details as part of the application process.

If you are interested in scholarships, please complete the scholarship application and submit to or Ithaca Children's Garden, 1001 W. Seneca St, Suite 101, Ithaca, NY 14850.