Half Day Summer Camp

Explore the Elements: Earth, Wind, & Fire
June 26-30
Explore the world around you with all your senses: toes in the mud, face in the breeze, hands in the cool water. Adventures and explorations, games and stories, and a special snack by the campfire.

Habitat Explorers
July 5-7
Follow a buzzing bee, feel the bark of the trees, turn your eyes to the sky and go knee deep in the mud. Have a blast exploring the habitats and critters living in the wild places of ICG. From our resident hens and bees, to wild creatures big and small, you’ll have a chance to meet, touch, and learn about what these critters need to live and thrive.

Down on the Farm
July 10-14
Come on down...we’ll get our hands dirty digging in the soil, planting and snacking in the vegetable garden, and playing with the royal hens of Cluckingham Palace.

Garden Magic
July 17-21
An enchanted week at the Garden full of fairies and elves, potions and spells. Let your imagination guide through five days of magical adventures. Mix potions, weave wands, build fairy houses, and more.

Water Wonders
July 24-28
Jump on in for a week of water fun. Stomp in puddles, explore the pond, tend to tadpoles and other water creatures. Art, science, and fun all with a sprinkle, shower, and splash.

Garden Chefs
July 24-28
It’s harvest time! Let’s discover the colors, textures and flavors of the fruits, vegetables, and herbs growing at ICG. We’ll pick vegetables from the garden and cook a tasty snack each day, and leave lots of time for child-led play.

Flower Power
July 31 - Aug 4
Uncover the secret superpowers of flowers. We’ll become botanists, bees, and artists all in one week. Equipped with capes and magnifying glasses we’ll learn about the many ways flowers engaged our senses and make our lives colorful. Pick flowers, paint them, taste, them and more.

Where the Wild Things Are
Aug 14-18
Let the wild rumpus start! Guided mischief abounds as we discover our wild side: exploring nature, building forts, and taming beasts.