Full Day Summer Camp

Muddy Farmers
June 26-30

Become ICG gardeners for the week and discover what makes the garden grow. Plant and harvest, conduct soil science experiments, learn the ins and outs of compost, and design planter boxes. Learn all about pollination with our resident bees. Care for the hens and learn about their super powers. Gain hands-on practical gardening skills during this camp, because there’s no better way to learn than by doing. Bring a change of clothes because after working hard all morning we’ll enjoy all the amazing leftover mud in the Hands-On-Nature Anarchy Zone.

Nature Play Corps I: Operation Reuse
July 5-7
Spend three inventive days tinkering and creating in the Garden. Using recycled materials and what we can scavenge from nature we’ll restore, upcycle, convert and invent everything from sculptures to simple machines. Do you accept the challenge?

Home Sweet Homestead
July 10-14
Home-Sweet-Homestead-sm.jpgJoin us for a week of doing things the old-fashioned way with a new fangled twist. Explore self-sufficiency from growing food to tending amazing animals to cooking and preserving. We’ll explore solar power and play old fashioned games, make our own medicines and scavenge for wild edibles.

Garden Magic
July 17-21
Garden-Magic-sm.jpgPotions and spells, fairies and elves….summer is a magical time at ICG. Let your imagination guide your through an enchanting week of small worlds and magical memory-making. Mix potions, build elf ad fairy houses, and weave wands. Appropriate for all young wizards, witches, fairies, and elves. Wings and wands welcome. Please leave pet dragons at home.

Nature Play Corps II: Hammer Time!
July 24-28
Hammer-Time-sm.jpgStrap on your tool belt, grab your tools, it’s hammer time! We’ll be designing and building all week. Learn basic carpentry skills while building elements for the Garden and projects to take home. Translate those skills into building forts and creating hideouts. Learn about the amazing trees that provide our lumber and their amazing superpowers. Use natural materials to create dyes and paints.

Nature Play Corps III: Tell Me a Story
July 31- Aug 4
Tell-Me-a-Story-sm.jpgCampers take the lead for a week of tales big and small, down to earth and out of this world. Costumes, songs, imagination, and more during a week of creating and sharing stories. Make puppets, build sets, sew costumes, choreograph sword fights and spin tales.

Garden Chefs
Aug 7-11
Garden-Chefs-sm.jpgTransform the abundance of ICG’s Kitchen Garden into snacks, meals, salads, dips, drinks and desserts. Learn real cooking skills from real chefs. Master garden-favorite recipes and invent your own. Spend time in the garden with the plants we’ll harvest and eat planting fall crops and tending our friendly chickens.

Fantastic Animals (and where to find them)
Aug 14-18
Fantastic-Animals-sm.jpgAnimals take center stage this week as we explore the wetlands, bird habitat, meadow, veggie garden, and forest beyond ICG and all the animals that call them home. We’ll make burrows and nests, build insect hotels, flap, hop, growl, and pollinate your way through a week of creature features. A great lineup of special guests, campers, and staff bring animal friends to share.

Farmers Market
Aug 21-25
Farmers-Market-sm.jpgSpend your days gardening, cooking, and running the ICG farm stand. Learn where the food we eat comes from, discover how it goes from the garden to our plates, and experience what the farmers market business is all about, behind-the-scenes.

Nature Play Corps IV: Choose Your Own Adventure
Aug 28-Sept 1
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-sm.jpgWho knows where this week will take you. Jump into the story; the adventure is yours to create. Ziplines and hideouts, secret identities and forbidden forests, mad scientists and magical pixies. Bring a dash of courage, fill your pockets with imagination, prepare for the unexpected, it’s time to choose your own adventure.