Lauren Salzman

Outreach Educator and TUF Coordinator
(607) 319-4203

Lauren has over ten years of experience leading educational programming with non-profits, nature centers, museums and community organizations. She received a Master’s in Education from a unique program at Western Washington University in conjunction with the North Cascades Institute focusing on leadership and field-based, experiential learning. She has continued to work as an educator with increasing responsibilities in program design, assessment and organizational collaborations. She also loves all animals, walking in the woods, playing big games, sitting quietly by a fire, and being outside in the wind, rain, snow, heat and everything in between.

As an avid naturalist, Lauren has always loved plants and studying the natural world. In recent years, that has translated to working on organic farms, community gardens, and now her own gardens to pursue deeper connections with food systems. With her own roots growing deeply in Ithaca soil, Lauren is thrilled to be making meaningful and magical connections between local youth and the natural world.