Bird Garden

ICG's Bird Garden welcomes children into the bird house where they can flap their "wings," peer out the birdhouse window, dig for delicious worms, or perch in the child-sized birds nest.

A child-sized birds nest and beautifully painted birdhouse anchor the bird garden and its diverse plantings.

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Children can look for live birds in the garden that match the birds painted on the birdhouse. The mural features 17 different bird species, including the great blue heron, osprey, and bald eagle. All the birds featured were seen in the garden in May 2011 on an early morning sunrise walk before the rest of the world had woken up! Sunrise (or earlier) is a great time to see a different side of ICG, when the air is alive with a cacophony of nature sounds, and the birds are in charge.

Sponsors and Supporters

The child-sized birdhouse was built by teens as part of our Youth Horticulture Apprentice Program in 2010, and painted by artists Camille and Marika Chew in 2011. The beautifully painted birds are adopted as follows: